ACIS Response Matrices

Last updated Apr. 3, 1999

ACIS Response Data
Contributed by S. Buczkowski and N. S. Schulz, 2/23/99
Date of updateRevision
June 3, 1999: Completed ACIS-I response data
August 17, 1999: All FI matrices posted
September 3, 1999: Added flight gain corrected response matrices for -90 degree focal plane; updated filenames to better correlate to FITS ccd_id keyword
September 13, 1999: Fixed rmf/ecd offsets; Renamed rmf's to reflect focal plane temp. for gain determination
September 28, 1999: Added rmfs and ecds for S1/S3 BI devices
September 30, 1999: Updated BI rmf readme files to clarify subarray coordinates
October 19, 1999: Updated BI rmf readme files to further clarify subarray coordinates and updated valid focal plane temperatures for developed rmfs
October 27, 1999: Added rmfs for chip S3 (ccd_id 7) for -100 degree focal plane
October 28, 1999: Added Coordinate readmes to BI tarfiles and updated -100 degree focal plane rmfs
December 23, 1999: Redesigned page layout in valid time period format. Updated response data adding data for -110C focal plane (FI & BI).
April 3, 2000 Added table of valid reponse products for -120C focal plane

Contact Information: Questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to either Steven Buczkowski or Norbert Schulz.

Because of the variability in ACIS response due to CTI and CTI-related focal plane temperature dependancy, we have changed the format of these pages. We have organized response data below into time periods during which response data were stable. Time periods are separated by changes in focal pane temperature, the onset of CTI in the FI devices, or possibly other changes in ACIS operating parameters. If data for a chip does not appear in a time period, then it's response characteristics were not stable in that time period and response products have not been produced. The data presented here do not constitute an official release from the CXC. The official release is available from CXC Data Systems. The official release is based on the ecd data presented here, but is distributed in a form compatible with the CIAO data analysis software.

ECD01 Release (Valid 08/01/99-08/11/99)
ECD02 Release (Valid 08/11/99-08/23/99)
ECD03 Release (Valid 08/23/99-09/18/99)
ECD04 Release (Valid 09/18/99-01/29/00)
ECD05 Release (Valid 01/29/00-Present)

Response Analysis Notes

Fluorescence and Escape Peaks Author: Norbert S. Schulz, 2/23/99