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Last modified: 21 October 2018


Processing status of CSC 2.0

This page is periodically updated to reflect the current status of the CSC 2.0. All overlapping stacks are processed as a single unit (an ensemble), so if an area of sky is to be included in CSC 2.0 - which can be approximated using the pd2 data - then either all sources or no sources will be available in the Current Database. The list of stacks in CSC 2.0 and whether they have been processed it is available as the text file: stacks.txt.

The current state of the catalog processing - showing the outlines of the stacks and optional source locations from the pre-release list - can also be viewed using the WorldWide Telescope.

The last data added to CSC 2.0 was at 2018-10-21 02:51.
Number processed Total number Completed
Sources 295933 315884 93%
Stacks 6704 7287 91%
Ensembles 4401 4404 99%
[The increase in the number of processed sources as a function of time. It increases in bursts, as sets of overlapping stacks finish processing.]

The growth in the number of sources in CSC 2.0 as a function of time.

[The percentage coverage of the sky, when binned in 2 hour (RA) and 15 degree (declination) chunks.]

The percentage completeness of the stacks in Equatorial coordinates, binned into 2h and 15° blocks. The contours show the approximate outline of the Milky Way, and are taken from the d3-celestial project, which converted the original Milky Way Outline Catalogs data by Jose R. Vieira.

Last modified: 21 October 2018
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