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Short-term Schedule

Every week an observing request (OR) list is generated from the long term schedule (LTS) target list for that week, plus some unconstrained (pool) targets. This OR list is over-subscribed to allow an efficient schedule to be generated. The short-term schedule consists of those targets from the OR which will actually be observed; those targets not scheduled are then returned to the pool to be selected for future weeks.

The short-term schedule is the plan for a week's observing time. If there are no interruptions, all observations will be carried out close to the times listed. However, schedules can be interrupted by TOO observations, by solar-flare particle events, and by operational difficulties. This schedule is not a guarantee that the observation will occur when indicated.

NB: RA and DEC listings are for the star tracker, not the target position!

The RA and DEC on the short term pages are derived from the spacecraft quaternion. So the coordinates are that of the aspect camera, not the HRMA. The offset between the two coordinate systems is roughly 1.5 arcminutes in both y and z.

There is a link to previous weeks' short-term schedules at the bottom of this page.

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Previous weeks' short-term schedules.

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