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HRC Status Word Bit Definitions

Bit Test (Decimal) Value Use On...   Bit Test (Decimal) Value Use On...
26 Event from Next in Line Mode 67108864 I and S        
25 No Trigger (V axis) 33554432 I and S 24 No Trigger (U axis) 16777216 I and S
23 Outside of defined range (V axis) 8388608   22 Outside of defined range (U axis) 4194304  
21 Width (V axis) 2097152 I only 20 Width (U axis) 1048576 I and S
19 Antico Shield Active 524288 I and S        
17 Above ULD 131072   16 Below LLD 65536  
15 Event in Bad Region 32768 I and S 14 Amplifier Sum <= 0 in either axis 16384 I and S
13 Bad Center (V axis) 8192 I and S 12 Bad Center (U axis) 4096 I and S
11 Ratio of PHA to Amplifier Sum 2048 I and S 10 PHA=0 1024 I and S
9 Ratio of V to U Amplifiers 512 I and S 8 Amplifier Sum 256 I and S
7 PI>255 128   6 Time Tag Out of Sequence 64 I and S
5 Flatness Test (V axis) 32 I and S 4 Flatness Test (U axis) 16 I and S
3 Saturation Test (V axis) 8 I and S 2 Saturation Test (U axis) 4 I and S
1 H-test (V axis) 2 I only 0 H-test (U axis) 1 I only

Following the link attached to each name will give you a more complete definition of the bit.

Contact CXC Calibration (cxccal@cfa.harvard.edu) for further information

Last modified:09/27/12

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