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ACIS Calibration Data and Data Products

Calibration Products
NOTE: CTI-Induced Quantum Efficiency Loss in ACIS Front Illuminated Devices
Recent updates: ACIS Background, 12/27/05 ; Time-dependent gain corrections, 7/30/04 ; ACIS QE, 8/3/04 ; ACIS Calibration Issues in Progress, 12/19/06 ; ACIS S3 Calibration Validity Checks, 11/30/04 ; ACIS Transfer Streak Calibration, 12/19/06
  • Gain and CTI update memo
    ACIS charge transfer inefficiency and gain corrections. 07/24/01
  • Optical Blocking Filter Transmission
    Global I-array and S-array maps; plots of transmission vs. energy and transmission vs. wavelength. 03/10/00
  • Pileup
    Pileup analysis using analytical model and PSF data. 10/07/98
  • Point Spread Function
    PSF analysis for all on-axis and off-axis XRCF PSF tests. 04/30/99
  • Quantum Efficiency
    Plots of ACIS FI and BI QE, CTI-induced Quantum Efficiency loss in ACIS front illuminated devices, and Measurements of absolute QE of ACIS S2 and S3 from XRCF. 8/3/04
  • ACIS Response Matrices
    Release notes of new FI and S3 Chip Response Matrices, including caveats, limitations, error analysis, and tests against astrophysical sources. 12/06/2004
  • ACIS Calibration Issues in Progress
    Discussion of Bakeout issues. 12/19/06
  • ACIS Calibration Validity Checks
    Description for users to confirm the validity of ACIS Gain calibration at the time of their observations. 11/30/04

ACIS Team Calibration Report
V2.2, 1/15/99 (55 Mb postscript file)

ACIS-Related Calibration Data

Kester Allen, SAO; Steve Buczkowski, SAO; Dick Edgar, SAO; Diab Jerius, SAO;
Christine Jones, SAO; Brian McNamara, SAO; Mike Raley SAO; Norbert S. Schulz, MIT; Alexandria Ware, SAO
Comments/Questions/Changes to mraley@cfa.harvard.edu

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