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Proceedings of the 2002 Chandra Calibration Workshop

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Sessions on Wednesday, November 6:Sessions on Thursday, November 7:
Imaging I: PSFs and the Telescope Spectral Imaging I
Imaging II: Detectors and the PSF Spectral Imaging II
Photometry I: HRC Grating Spectrometers
Photometry II: ACIS Overall Issues

Poster Papers

Click on the title to view the presentation or "Abstract" to view the abstract.


Imaging I: PSF's and the Telescope

Chair: Smith
Overview of CHANDRA OpticsAbstract Jerius
Calibrating the PSF: Comparisons of Models to DataAbstract Jerius
Wings of the Chandra PSFAbstract Gaetz
Parametrization of the PSFAbstract Jerius
Chandra Aspect Performance Abstract Aldcroft

Imaging II: Detectors and the PSF

Chair: Donnelly
HRC Science and Calibration Murray
HRC Imaging and Deconvolution Karovska
The HRC Degapping ProcedureAbstract Kenter
Imaging Characteristics Affecting the LETGSAbstract Kashyap
Non-Linearities in the HRC-S Detector Abstract van der Meer

Photometry I: HRC

Chair: Kenter
HRC-I and HRMA Calibration Using RXJ1856.5-3754Abstract Wargelin
Low Energy Uniformity in the Quantum Efficiency of the HRC-IAbstract Donnelly
HRC-S Event Double-Counting and Deadtime CorrectionAbstract Juda
The UV/Visible Light Sensitivity of the HRCAbstract Zombeck
Characteristics of the HRC Background Abstract Juda

Photometry II: ACIS

Chair: Schwartz
The Decrease in the ACIS Low-Energy SensitivityAbstract Plucinsky
Interpreting ACIS Observations in Light of Recent Calibration IssuesAbstract Chartas
Verifying the ACIS QE Uniformity using the HETGSAbstract Marshall
ACIS Background Abstract Markevitch
ACIS Optical SensitivityAbstract Wolk


Spectral Imaging I

Chair: Edgar
ACIS Science and Calibration Bautz
Evolution of ACIS Charge Transfer Inefficiency Abstract Grant
Including CTI Time Dependence in the PSU CTI Corrector Abstract Townsley
ACIS CC Mode Calibration Abstract Sanwal

Spectral Imaging II

Chair: Plucinsky
ACIS Response Abstract Edgar
ACIS Spectral Response Vikhlinin
Performance Tests and Verification of Current ACIS FEFs Abstract Schulz
Future ACIS Calibration work Abstract Schwartz
Exploring the Limits of the ACIS Pile-up Model Abstract Davis

Grating Spectrometers

Chair: Dewey
Calibration and Science Requirements for the LETG Drake
LETG Higher Order Diffraction Efficiencies Abstract Wargelin
Comparison of the gratings when measuring the NeIX triplet at 13.5 A Abstract Ness
Updates to the HETGS Effective Area Abstract Marshall
Grating Spectral Order Sorting with the ACIS CCDs Abstract Huenemoerder
On the use of HETGS higher order spectra for science analysis Abstract Schulz

Overall Issues

Chair: Jones
Absolute Time Calibration Abstract Rots
Computation of Times of Arrival for CC Mode Events Abstract Allen, G.
Space Craft Stability Abstract Wolk
CHANDRA/XMM Cross Calibration Marshall
Overview of Chandra Calibration Abstract David


Effects of HRC status bit filtering Abstract Wilton
New Flight Model of the HRC-I MCP Quantum Efficiency Abstract Posson-Brown
ACIS Low Energy Response Results for 3 Pulsars Abstract Teter
The Chandra Off-Axis Point Spread Function Abstract Allen, C.
Modelling Chandra: Positional Accuracy of Mirror and Detector Models Abstract Beckerman
CTI Correction on the Backside-Illuminated CCD S3: How and Why Abstract Townsley
Chandra Grating LSF for Dummies Abstract Ishibashi
In-flight calibration of the C edge fine-structure in the HRC UV/ion shield transmission modelsAbstract Pease
In-flight effective area calibration of the Chandra low energy transmission grating spectrometerAbstractPease
After-Glow Events Not Removed by CXC SoftwareAbstractGarmire

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