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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "2002"

Reference Presenter Title
2002.5TomAldcroftChandra Aspect Performance
2002.44ChristopherAllenThe Chandra Off-Axis Point Spread Function
2002.37GlennAllenComputation of Times for Arrival of CC Mode Events
2002.21MarkBautzACIS Science and Calibration
2002.45EliBeckermanModelling Chandra: Positional Accuracy of Mirror and Detector Models
2002.17GeorgeChartasInterpreting ACIS Observations in Light of Recent Calibration Issues
2002.40LaurenceDavidOverview of Chandra Calibration
2002.29JohnDavisExploring the Limits of the ACIS Pile-up Model
2002.12HankDonnellyLow Energy Uniformity in the Quantum Efficiency of the HRC-I
2002.30JeremyDrakeCalibration and Science Requirements for the LETG
2002.25RichardEdgarACIS Response
2002.3TerranceGaetzWings of the Chandra PSF
2002.50GordonGarmireAfter-Glow Events Not Removed by CXC Software
2002.22CatherineGrantEvolution of the ACIS Charge Transfer Inefficiency
2002.34DavidHuenemoerderGrating Spectral Order Sorting with the ACIS CCDs
2002.47KazunoriIshibashiChandra Grating LSF for Dummies
2002.1DiabJeriusOverview of CHANDRA Optics
2002.4DiabJeriusParametrization of the PSF
2002.2DiabJeriusCalibrating the PSF: Comparisons of Models to Data
2002.15MichaelJudaCharacteristics of the HRC Background
2002.13MichaelJudaHRC-S Event Double-Counting and Deadtime Correction
2002.7MargaritaKarovskaHRC Imaging and Deconvolution
2002.9VinayKashyapImaging Characteristics Affecting the LETGS
2002.8AlmusKenterThe HRC Degapping Procedure
2002.19MaximMarkevitchACIS Background
2002.39HermanMarshallChandra/XMM Cross Calibration
2002.33HermanMarshallUpdates to the HETGS Effective Area
2002.18HermanMarshallVerifying the ACIS QE Uniformity using the HETGS
2002.6SteveMurrayHRC Science and Calibration
2002.32Jan-UweNessComparison of the gratings when measuring the NeIX triplet at 13.5 A
2002.48DeronPeaseIn-flight calibration of the C edge fine-structure in the HRC UV/ion shield transmission models
2002.49DeronPeaseIn-flight effective area calibration of the Chandra low energy transmission grating spectrometer
2002.16PaulPlucinskyThe Decrease in the ACIS Low-Energy Sensitivity
2002.42JenniferPosson-BrownNew Flight Model of the HRC-I MCP Quantum Efficiency
2002.36ArnoldRotsAbsolute Time Calibration
2002.24DivasSanwalACIS CC Mode Calibration
2002.27NorbertSchulzPerformance Tests and Verification of Current ACIS FEFs
2002.35NorbertSchulzOn the use of HETGS higher order spectra for science analysis
2002.28DanSchwartzFuture ACIS Calibration Work
2002.43MarcusTeterACIS Low Energy Response Results for 3 Pulsars
2002.23LeisaTownsleyIncluding CTI Time Dependence in the PSU CTI Corrector
2002.46LeisaTownsleyCTI Correction on the Backside-Illuminated CCD S3: How and Why
2002.26AlexeyVikhlininACIS Spectral Response
2002.31BradWargelinLETG Higher Order Diffraction Efficiencies
2002.11BradWargelinHRC-I and HRMA Calibration Using RXJ1856.5-3754
2002.41CharlesWiltonEffects of HRC status bit filtering
2002.38ScottWolkSpace Craft Stability
2002.20ScottWolkACIS Optical Sensitivity
2002.14MartinZombeckThe UV/Visible Light Sensitivity of the HRC
2002.10Robvan der MeerNon-Linearities in the HRC-S Detector

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