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Last modified: 2 September 2015


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Characterizing the Chandra PSF

Besides simulating the Chandra PSF, there are a few tools that are used to characterize the PSF:

Tool/Script Description Related Threads


Creates a PSF-size map for each pixel in an image.


Creates a region file that shows the location of the HRMA PSF optical artifact for a given observation, to help rule out mis-identification of a physical source feature at sub-arcsecond scales.


Python module that interpolates the approximate size of encircled counts fraction of the Chandra PSF, based on calibration radially enclosed energy fraction (REEF) tables. These tables were generated assuming a flat detector, which is accurate for HRC and ACIS-S3, but the other ACIS CCDs are tilted, which causes additional asymmetries.

Last modified: 2 September 2015
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