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Last modified: 13 December 2018


Download CALDB 4.8.2

Latest Update: 13 December 2018

CALDB 4.4.1 or higher is required for the proper operation of CIAO 4.7. CALDB 4.7.3 users may just upgrade to CALDB 4.8.2, instead of requiring to download the full CALDB.

The CALDB contains all the calibration files required for Chandra data analysis. The CALDB can be downloaded, installed, and upgraded with the ciao-install script.

For more information on the CALDB, visit the CALDB website. Details on this release in particular are available from the CALDB 4.8.2 Release Notes.

CALDB 4.8.2 Full

This is the latest full installation of the CALDB. If you already have CalDB 4.7.3 or higher installed, it is only necessary to download the upgrade package.

Contents File Size
Full Release caldb_4.8.2_main.tar.gz 3.31 GB; 7.81 GB unzipped
ACIS background event files acis_bkgrnd_4.7.6.tar.gz 1.29 GB; 2.87 GB unzipped
HRC background event files hrc_bkgrnd_4.7.7.tar.gz 2.16 GB; 3.17 GB unzipped
README file README_caldb4.8.2.txt  
Manifest file MANIFEST_4.8.2_main.txt 105 KB

CALDB 4.8.2 Upgrade

This is a cumulative upgrade, updating CALDB versions from 4.7.3 to 4.8.2. If you do not already have at least CALDB 4.7.3 installed, you should download the full installation.

Contents File Size
Upgrade Release caldb_4.8.2_upgrade.tar.gz 1.42 GB; 4.19 GB unzipped
Readme file README_caldb4.8.2_upgrade.txt  
Manifest file MANIFEST_4.8.2_upgrade.txt 11 KB

Last modified: 13 December 2018
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