Welcome to the CXC HelpDesk System!

If you can not find an answer in our documentation, please log into the CXC HelpDesk and submit your HelpDesk ticket.

If you have problems using or questions about the web interface to the helpdesk system, please email cxchelp [at] head.cfa.harvard.edu.

In most cases you will receive an initial response to your ticket within two working hours of the time of submission.

NOTE: As of 24 May 2016 we have switched the CXC HelpDesk to a new platform. You will need to create a new account this system. If you are interested in accessing any of your old tickets, please send email to cxchelp [at] cfa.harvard.edu

Before You Submit a Ticket

Doing some background work before submitting a HelpDesk Ticket will help us answer your question efficiently.

You can begin by searching our online documentation, particularly in the pages linked below. We have a search box (above) that is also available to help you find relevant information about your question.

If you are running into a tool error or have a question about your analysis, please try to send us the following information.

Sometimes it helps for us to have access to your data files. If we need them, we will ask you to provide them either by putting them somewhere we can access, or by ftp-ing them to our anonymous site. You also have the option to attach files to your ticket. Please make it clear what the axes are of any plots you send, and tell us how you created them.

FTP instructions

If you have multiple related questions, your problems may be more efficiently dealt with in a single ticket. Please think about consolidating questions whenever possible. However, if you have several unrelated questions, each should be the subject of a separate ticket.