A comparative View of the Warm Absorbers/Emitters observed with the Chandra High Resolution Gratings

F. Nicastro(SAO) M. Elvis (SAO),

[Contributed talk, 15min.]


We present preliminary results from a systematic comparative study of the ionized absorbers/emitters in 5 Seyfert galaxies observed with the Chandra HETGS and LETGS: NGC 5548, NGC 3783, NGC 3227, NGC 4051 and NGC 4151. The main objective of this study is to derive the physical and dynamical properties of this important ionized component of the gaseous AGN environment, in a uniform manner using the same modelling, for a sample of well studied nearby Seyferts. For some of these sources multiple observations are available, so we also study variations of the ionization of the gas in response to changes in the ionizing X-ray continuum, and apply our non-equilibrium photoionization models, to tightly constrain the electron density of the gas, and so its distance from the central ionizing source.



Himel Ghosh