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HRMA Off-Axis Effective Area



The off-axis effective area is incorported into the CALDB as vignetting correction factors to be applied to the on-axis effective area. These values are based upon simulations of the HRMA's off-axis performance, and do not at present take into account the physical sizes of the detectors. This will affect their applicability for sources near the detector edges. We are in the process of producing corrected values, based upon detector geometry and validations against ground and on-orbit measurements.

Data files

The CALDB contains the official effective area tables

Analysis and Presentations

Title Author Date
A Measurement of the HRMA Vignetting with Abell 1795 Eli Beckerman 2004-10-25
Measurement of Telescope Vignetting with SNR G21.5-0.9 Eli Beckerman 2003-10-27
HRC-I and HRMA Calibration Using RXJ1856.5-3754 Brad Wargelin 2002-11-06
Measurement of Telescope Vignetting from G21.5-0.9 Off-axis Observations pdf Beth Biller 2002-07-11
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