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Last modified: 26 October 2016


Bugs: iPython


IPython Packaged with CIAO OTS

CIAO includes IPython in the CIAO OTS directory which is used by Sherpa and ChIPS to provide command-line user interfaces. These programs create an IPython profile in the directory $HOME/.ipython-ciao, as to not override the user's IPython setup should one already exist.

If IPython users want any personal customizations to be available when running CIAO, they will have to copy them from $HOME/.ipython to $HOME/.ipython-ciao. Alternatively, the environment variable IPYTHONDIR to $HOME/.ipython, in which case, CIAO will use that as the default IPython directory.

Changes in CIAO 4.8

The location of the ChIPS location files has changed from $HOME/.ipython-ciao4.5 to $HOME/.ipython-ciao, so any customizations will need to be copied over manually. The first time that ChIPS is started, any old files (from CIAO 4.4 or earlier) in .ipython-ciao will be moved out of the way, and a message displayed to the screen.

The version of IPython included in CIAO is now 3.0.0; in CIAO 4.7 it was 2.0.0. Please see the IPython documentation for information on how IPython has changed, noting that the current release is newer than the one included in CIAO 4.8.

Last modified: 26 October 2016
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