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Last modified: 31 October 2013


Bugs: labels

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Clipping labels is done by point clipping.

This means that if the point is in the data range, the whole label is displayed; otherwise, the whole label is clipped.


Setting the axis label

If the an axis label is set using the axis.x.label or axis.y.label attributes of an add_<object> call then the string must be surrounded by double quotes if it contains spaces; for example:

chips> add_curve(time, zoff, ['axis.y.label', '"Z offset (arcsec)"'])

Bugs fixed in CIAO 4.5

The following is a list of bugs that were fixed in the CIAO 4.5 software release.

Setting a label to a user loaded font will cause ChIPS to SEGV.
(32-bit OSX)

chips> from pychips.all import *
chips> add_label(0.20, 0.25, 'PLOT')
chips> load_font('gothic', 'a010013l.pfb')
chips> set_label(['font', 'gothic')

At this point the ChIPS server - and hence the plot - disappears.

Unable to set coordsys via ChipsLabel object

In CIAO 4.3 you could say:

chips> li = ChipsLabel()
chips> li.coordsys = PLOT_NORM
chips> add_label(0.5, 0.9, "LABEL", li) 

In CIAO 4.4, it fails:

chips ERROR: Unknown or unsupported <obj>.<attribute> entry: label.coordsys 

Last modified: 31 October 2013
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