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JMKMod is a model for flow proportional counters (FPC) and germanium solid state detectors (SSD) developed for the ground calibration of the Chandra optics. It is designed as an add-on model for XSPEC and is compatible with XSPEC versions 11 and 12.

Downloading Components

There are three components: the JMKMod source code, optical constants, and mirror effective area tables. They are distributed as separate tarballs in the download directory


The JMKMod manual pdf is unfortunately out of date (our dog ate the source). The source tarball contains additional information.


JMKMod has been compiled on the following platforms:

O/S Vendor Version Compilers
C/C++ Fortran
Solaris Sun 8 Sun Studio 10
GNU/Linux Debian 4.0 (Etch) gcc v.4.1.2 g77 v.3.4.6
GNU/Linux Debian 5.0 (Lenny) gcc v.4.3.2 gfortran v.4.3.2
GNU/Linux Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) gcc v.4.4.5 gfortran v.4.4.5
GNU/Linux Redhat FC6 gcc v.4.1.2 g77 v.3.4.6
GNU/Linux CentOS 5.7 gcc v.4.1.2 gfortran v.4.1.2


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