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Two Years of Science with Chandra
Important dates:
Early Reg Deadline: 21 May
Abstracts Due:15 June
Final Reg Deadline:27 July
Final Program:6 Aug
Meeting Dates: 5-7 Sept

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Abstract Submission

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M. Garcia (Chair), SAO
A. C. Brinkman, SRON NL
R. Elsner, MSFC
K. Flanagan, MIT
G. Garmire, PSU
S. Holt, Olin/Babson
C. Kouveliotou, MSFC
H. Marshall, MIT
R. Petre, GSFC
A. Prestwich, SAO
A. Siemiginowska, SAO
H. Tananbaum, SAO
J. Turner, UMBC
M. Ward, Leicester, UK
B. Wargelin, SAO
M. Weisskopf, MSFC
N. White, GSFC
A. Wilson, U of Maryland

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Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC
September 5-7, 2001
The meeting will highlight key science results from the first two years of operation of the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Contributions covering recent results from XMM-Newton and other X-ray observatories will also be presented.

What's New:  Schedule changes Tuesday September 4
ACIS Spectral Response Session
Program-last updated Sept 4
Review Talks:
Lars Bildsten:Neutron Star X-ray Binaries
Niel Brandt:Results from the Chandra Deep Survey of the HDF-N Region
Andy Fabian:Cooling Flows and Clusters
Ian George:Grating Spectra of NGC 3783 and AGN
Riccardo Giacconi:The Cosmic X-ray Background and the Chandra Southern Deep Field
Manuel Guedel:X-ray Emission from Stellar Corona
Una Hwang:Supernova Remnants
Andy King:Ultra-Luminous Binaries in External Galaxies
Ramesh Narayan:Black Holes in XRB and Galactic Cores
Andrea Prestwich:Nearby Spiral Galaxies
Rita Sambruna:The Physics of Extragalactic Jets in the Chandra Era
Kim Weaver: The Starburst/AGN Connection and Outflows
Ed Weiler:Future NASA Astronomy and Physics Missions
Ray White:Diffuse Gas and X-ray Binary Populations in Elliptical Galaxies

The meeting is organized by the Chandra X-ray Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, and the University of Maryland. This meeting will also be the 12th Maryland Annual Astrophysics Conference.