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CDA Status
  • The archive is fully functional.
Reprocessing Status
  • Reprocessing has been completed for
    • Phase I: 2005-11-13 to 2011-12-31
    • Phase II: 2000-01-30 to 2005-11-13
Current Software Releases
  • ASCDSVER: 10.6
  • CALDBVER: 4.7.8
What's New
News Item 023

The AGASC (AXAF Guide and Acquisition Star Catalog) is available through ftp


The full 2.6 Gigabyte AGASC1.5 catalog is available for download from the archive. No portable catalog reading software is available, but the 9537 individual FITS files can be accessed with e.g., FTOOLS.

The proper ASGASC interface is here.

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