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Last modified: 3 December 2013


A Graphical User Interface (GUI; pronounced "gooey") is an alternative to command-line tool use. The purpose of a GUI is to give users an intuitive, visual interface for interacting with the data. CIAO contains a number of GUIs:

GUI Description
ChIPS New in CIAO 4.4, the ChIPS GUI allows users to adjust the layout of their plots and make edits to many of the plot properties in ChIPS and Sherpa; see "ahelp chipsgui" for details. The GUI is available to any process that creates a ChIPS plot, such as Sherpa and Prism.
peg peg is a graphical parameter editor. It allows you to set parameters for tools and run them without having to use command-line tools like pset and plist.
prism Provides the user with the ability to view (both numerically and graphically) the contents of data files.
taskmonitor GUI to run a task as a background process and display the output.

The ds9 GUI is also packaged with CIAO.

Last modified: 3 December 2013
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