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Chandra Operations Aspect Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page documents technical and operational issues related to Chandra aspect. Chandra users probably want to see the Aspect Information Page.
Table of Contents
Technical Notes and Talks
Star Catalog (AGASC) Reports and Links
ACA cooldown and dark current analyses
ACA monitoring and trending
Online Utilities
Documentation and reference pages
Star catalog Hall of Shame
Technical Notes and Talks Top of page
24-Mar-2015 Search the mission for interesting fid drop events
20-Oct-2014 Compute star intensity noise in faint stars to estimate monitor mag limit
09-May-2014 ECR: Update CALALIGN align matrices
21-Nov-2013 State of the ACA 2013 (pdf)
17-Sep-2013 Impact of status flags on OBC Kalman stars 2010:001 - 2013:250
06-Sep-2013 ACA CCD thermal model
05-Sep-2013 ACA CCD warming overview for MPCWG
05-Aug-2013 ACA bad status fraction vs. warm fraction and magnitude
11-Mar-2013 Interesting attitude control oscillations in obsid 14680
24-Sep-2012 Color and Observed Mag Error
24-Aug-2012 OBC Bad Status vs Mag over time
26-Jun-2011 Apparent SIM drift during observations
23-Jun-2011 Ska Runtime Enviroment 0.10: content, test, and transition plan
16-Feb-2011 Flight Note: Monitoring ACA Flickering Pixels (PDF)
27-Jan-2011 Flickering Pixel Analysis, 2008 and 2002 data
08-Sep-2010 ECR: Add FTS Periscope Correction to Aspect Pipeline
09-Feb-2009 Obsid 9931: unusual star and fid drops
08-Aug-2008 ACA Overview (CC training)
22-Feb-2008 Failed gyro glitch correction in obsid 8059
21-Dec-2007 Aspect L1 tool spec: corr_fid_cent
01-Oct-2007 Momentum dumps during science: FDB presentation
25-Sep-2007 Cooling the ACIS DH and fid lights: Test results
16-Jul-2007 ACIS fid light cooling
08-May-2007 ECR: Update CALALIGN align matrices (PDF)
19-Jan-2007 Change ACIS-S and ACIS-I default aimpoint offsets (PDF)
17-Jan-2007 SAUSAGE fid position update (PDF)
23-Mar-2006 Acquisition Anomaly TWiki Page
22-Mar-2006 Fid Drop Inquiry
22-Feb-2006 Plate Scale Pre/Post Cooldown
07-Feb-2006 ACA TIM TWiki page
30-Jan-2006 Guide star tracking statistics - 2006 update
17-Jan-2006 ACA Star Acqusition Times
11-Jan-2006 2002-2006 Plate Scale Calibration
22-Dec-2005 December 2005 Starcheck Release Notes
12-Oct-2005 Saturated Star in Obsid 5438
21-Sep-2005 Continued: Measuring ACA CTI by dithering stars across quadrant boundaries
23-Aug-2005 Notes on the ACIS-S SIM-Z exclusion region of -8 to -11 mm
05-Aug-2005 Background Brightness and Dark Current Calibration
19-Jul-2005 Evaluation of ACA Dark Current Shift, 2005-Jul
08-Jun-2005 Starcheck Jun-2005 release test results
14-Feb-2005 Defective Pixel in ObsId 4533
14-Feb-2005 Characterized alignment drift during observations
14-Feb-2005 More cases of the obsid 4977 acquisition anomaly
20-Dec-2004 Spec for aspect pipeline proper motion correction
08-Dec-2004 Alignment drift during observations
30-Nov-2004 Attitudes for ACA dark current calibrations
13-Oct-2004 ACA high background: Correlation with solar array angle and momentum dumps
24-Aug-2004 EPHIN Thermal Phenomenology
17-Jun-2004 Gyro telemetry glitch in Obsid 4611
26-Apr-2004 Proposed geometry and possible solutions for the ACIS fidlight 6 anomaly
26-Apr-2004 Safe limits for brightening fidlights
20-Apr-2004 ACA quadrant gain differences measured from dark current calibration data
02-Apr-2004 Measuring ACA CTI by dithering a star across quadrant boundaries
18-Feb-2004 Accuracy of AGASC 1.5 Star Magnitudes
08-Feb-2004 Measuring ACA CTI from dark current calibration data
02-Feb-2004 Measuring ACA CCD contamination using commonly revisted guide stars
21-Jan-2004 Aqcuisition anomaly in Obsid 4977
18-Nov-2003 Read Noise and Gain of the ACA Primary CCD
18-Nov-2003 ECR: Update CALALIGN coefficients to correct ACIS-S fid positions based on SIM-Z offset
28-Aug-2003 ACA and Aspect Performance After 15 Years
01-Aug-2003 Alignment drift during IRU swap and ACA cooldown (Updated 29-Sep-2003)
15-Jul-2003 Guide Star Tracking Statistics
14-Jul-2003 Large drift in SIM-Z in Obsid 3964
23-Jun-2003 Ground aspect requirements for swap to IRU2
29-Apr-2003 Image reconstruction performance: Change from 2000 to 2003
18-Mar-2003 Analysis of Aspect Reprocessing and V&V Limits
08-Jan-2003 ACA Star Selection - B-V Color
11-Dec-2002 History of IRU Calibration presentation
26-Nov-2002 ACA Star Selection - Search Spoilers
29-Oct-2002 Bright Earth "Fly-by" Test for the ACA, 2002-October-23
10-Sep-2002 Flickering Pixel Analysis
29-Aug-2002 Bright Earth Occultation Test for the ACA, 2002-August-20
16-Aug-2002 Updating Slew Error Table presentation
09-Aug-2002 Bright Earth Occultation Test for the ACA, 2002-August-02
25-Jun-2002 Bright Earth Occultation Test for the ACA, 2002-June-18
14-May-2002 ACA high background anomaly: FDB closeout (Postscript, PDF)
29-Apr-2002 ECR: Update CALALIGN align matrices
16-Apr-2002 ECR: Create CALALIGN coefficients to correct fid positions based on SIM-Z offset
25-Mar-2002 Starcheck reviews of star viewer loads
08-Jan-2002 Revised ACA plate scale coefficients
08-Nov-2001 ACA pixel readout anomaly for fid ACIS-I-6
02-Nov-2001 CXC Processing of Interval after 2001:265 Bright Star Hold
30-Oct-2001 Chandra Calibration Review: Aspect
14-Sep-2001 ACA high background anomaly
13-Jul-2001 Proposed ECR to update fid positions and ordering in ODB
20-Apr-2001 Offsets due to radial spoilers
Through 2000
15-Dec-2000 Flickering pixels in the ACA CCD
16-May-2000 ACIS-S and HRC absolute coordinate accuracy near aimpoint (superseded by 25-Oct-00 document)
13-Dec-1996 ACA EQ-spec Rev.E
Star catalog (AGASC) reports and links Top of page
--- Mission planning AGASC overview page
20-Sep-2018 AGASC 1.7
24-Sep-2012 Color and Observed Mag Error
11-Jan-2005 FDB presentation (PDF)
14-Sep-2004 AGASC 1.6 Testing / Star Selection
14-Sep-2004 Calibration of AGASC 1.6
18-Feb-2004 Accuracy of AGASC 1.5 Star Magnitudes
08-Jan-2003 ACA Star Selection - B-V Color
26-Nov-2002 ACA Star Selection - Search Spoilers
30-Mar-2001 Effect of radial spoiling in star selection
26-Jan-2001 Accuracy of AGASC star magnitudes
16-May-2000 Magnitude errors in AGASC 1.4
ACA cooldown and dark current analyses Top of page
---Dark Cals---
18-Nov-2018 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2018-Nov-18
09-Jul-2018 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2018-Jul-09
10-Apr-2018 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2018-Apr-10
02-Jan-2018 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2018-Jan-02
29-Sep-2017 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2017-Sep-29
04-Jul-2017 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2017-Jul-04
02-Apr-2017 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2017-Apr-02
10-Jan-2017 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2017-Jan-10
04-Oct-2016 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2016-Oct-04
06-Jul-2016 ACA Dark Current Calibration 2016-Jul-06
Current Wiki Dark Cal List
Current All Calibrations
---Zodiacal Light---
05-Aug-2005 Background Brightness and Dark Current Calibration
19-Jul-2005 Evaluation of ACA Dark Current Shift, 2005-Jul
30-Nov-2004 Attitudes for ACA dark current calibrations
---ACA Cooling---
18-Jun-2003 Results of cooling the CCD to -15C
23-Jun-2003 Cooling the ACA CCD from -12 to -13
11-Jun-2003 Cooling the ACA CCD from -11 to -12
26-May-2003 Cooling the ACA CCD - Intermediate Report
17-Feb-2003 Cooling the ACA CCD below -10 degC
ACA monitoring and trending Top of page
ACA high-background monitor
ACA acquisition statistics
ACA alignment via fiducial light drift
FSS performance trending
Celestial location monitor
Observations with larger periscope-induced drifts
Online Utilities Top of page
AGASC retrieval tool
Replan Central / arc
Documentation and reference pages Top of page
ACA level-0 decom ICD
ACA Load Review Checklist
Aspect L1 pipeline data product ICDs
Aspect L1 pipeline tool specs
Aspect TWiki page
Aspect tool documentation pages
Instructions for running starcheck
Matrix and Quaternion FAQ
Starting the Chandra ACA EGSE at the OCC ACA EGSE Twiki Page Backup OCCDS User Guide (PDF)
Starcheck development page
Detailed review of starcheck checks and warnings
Starcheck Red Warnings - May 2005
Starcheck Yellow Warnings - May 2005
SAUSAGE Characteristics (Spicy!)
Star Catalog Hall of Shame Top of page
Obs 11762
Obs 6101
Obs 5688
Papers Top of page
20-Jun-2002 Stellar Photometry using the Chandra Aspect Camera (AAS Poster) Postscript
07-Nov-2001 Analysis of the Chandra X-ray Observatory Aspect Camera PSF and its Application to Post-Facto Pointing Aspect Determination Postscript
15-Nov-2000 Kalman filtering in Chandra Aspect Determination (ADASS Poster) Postscript PDF Poster
27-Mar-2000 Initial performance of the aspect system on the Chandra Observatory: Post-facto aspect reconstruction Postscript PDF
27-Mar-2000 Initial performance of the attitude control and aspect determination sub-systems on the Chandra Observatory Postscript PDF
People Top of page
Tom Aldcroft Aspect operations and calibration, aspect pipeline science lead (OSS, SOT)
Mark Cresitello-Dittmar Aspect pipeline development lead (DS)
Jean Connelly Spacecraft / aspect data analyst (SOT)
Malgosia Sobolewska Spacecraft / aspect scientist
Cal Calibration
OSS Development and Operations Science Support
DS Data Systems

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