Last modified: 1 November 2022


CIAO 1.1.3 Release Notes


	- Bug fixed that was filling the background arrays with 
	  all zeros.
	- removed external references to HESF (Drake Flat) 
	  extraction -- support for this has been suppressed.
	- Modified to handle ACIS + LETG
	- Fixed bug in region extension output. The older version
	  has negative wavelength in the region extension when order
	  is negative.  Also, in the older version, the y coordinate 
	  of the center of the BACKGROUND_DOWN region is wrong 
	  when order is positive.


	New functionality:
	1. FAKEIT allows simulation of 1-D spectra (see attached additional 
	document for detail description).

	2. XSAPEC plasma emission model has been added to the model library. 
	Two options are available: access to the new Atomic Data Base through 
	APEC (default option 4), and to the traditional Raymond-Smith plasma 
	(option 1)

	Bug Fixes:
	1. An access to XSPEC model library on Linux has been fixed.

	2. Two bug fixes included in previous 1.1.2 patch:

	2.1 glue.C  :  EFFECT: fixes bug that rendered useless
    	the Sherpa command "record," which logs parameter values 
    	and chi-squares in a file called "search.dat."
    	The chi-square output (val) was wrong and meaningless.

	2.2 histogramAxis.C :  EFFECT: fixes bug that prevented 1D 
    	histogram (PHA) datasets from being fit with some filter 
    	choices, and caused the following error message to be
	 Error: A DataSet Error has been detected.
	 --   Internal miscount of number of rhs points.
    	The bug is seen only when a given filter range in the 
    	convolved PHA data space mapped to two or more non-contiguous 
    	filter ranges in the unconvolved RMF energy space.  (Simplistic 
    	example: photons in the non-contiguous energy ranges 0.1-0.2 keV 
    	and 0.4-0.5 keV can be recorded as counts in the contiguous PHA 
    	bin range i-j, but photons between 0.2 and 0.4 keV cannot.)

other tools:

	- asphist - handle no GTI case