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3/27/20 For Chandra Proposers Impacted by COVID-19

The CXC is considering a small Supplemental Cycle 22 Call for Proposals (CfP) to occur later this year for researchers impacted by COVID-19.
Read the full announcement here.

3/12/20 Proposal Deadline Moved to April 2

It is now clear that the COVID-19 virus is significantly impacting the global Chandra community. To help mitigate these effects, the Chandra Cycle 22 deadline is moved to April 2 6PM EDT for all proposers. While we currently expect downstream Chandra Cycle 22 events (e.g., peer review, start of observations, and funding schedules) to remain unchanged, we may need to re-plan those activities as the situation warrants. We will update the community in due course. Should you have questions, please contact Helpdesk, and stay healthy.

2/24/20 Resource Costs and TOO Updates

A new Resource Cost (RC) metric will be used in Cycle 22 and beyond. The RC will be calculated for all non-TOO targets. RC will replace "constraint categories" used in previous Cycles. Targets at high ecliptic latitude will incur significant RC even if they are not constrained.

TOO response categories have been updated. In addition, TOO follow-ups will count as half triggers for the purposes of counting triggers at the peer review.

There have been minor updates to the slew tax calculation.

The CXC has released an updated Cycle 22 Call for Proposals. A summary of changes is available.

12/17/19 The Cycle 22 deadline is 17 March 2020 at 6PM (US Eastern Daylight Time).

12/17/19 Cycle 22 CfP and POG released. See What's New this Cycle?

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