Last modified: 1 November 2022


CIAO 2.3 Release Notes



	- Reworked with interface changes to accommodate calculation of
	  PI matrices directly from PHA FEF files (see "mkrmf" notes)

	- Now fully supports adjustment for the effects of
	  charge-transfer inefficiency (CTI)
	- New parameter ("calc_cc_times") to assign time tags in CC
	  mode based on target position
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)
	- Fixed problem of always writing HDUCLAS3 keyword indicating
	  CC time corrections were applied
	- Refinements to the CC mode time of arrival algorithm
	- Now generates warnings if output eventdef contains a column
	  that is not calculated and is not being propagated from the
	  input event file (i.e. s:pi in eventdef and calculate_pi=no)
	- Now reads RA_TARG, DEC_TARG, ROLL_NOM header keywords (obs.par
	  value supersedes keyword values)
	- Changed the order of THETA and PHI WCS names
	- Fix for incorrect updating of WCS keywords when stop != sky
	- Fix for check_vf_pha to only check in VF mode

	- Added "random" parameter to set random-number seed
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Added "max_bin" parameter to control maximum number of aspect
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)
	- Now allows for generic column ordering
	- Reworked to take input files out of time order
	- Now errors out if SIM_* keywords are missing in event file
	  (previously assumed value of 0)

	- New code to exposure weight the FRACRESP column in grating

	- Now allows 'q' or 'quit' to exit interactive mode
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

dmcopy / dmextract / dmfilth / dmlist / dmstat
	- Re-linked to use updated region library (see library notes

	- Can now apply a correction to the AMP_SF column in the event
	  structure (AMP_SF is used in deciding which events to correct
	  for the tap ringing problem)
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)
	- Changed the order of THETA and PHI WCS names

mkarf / mkexpmap / mkgarf / mkinstmap
	- HRC msk1 file support added
	- Can work around defective/ambiguous ACIS msk1 files
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)
	- Tools reflect changes to "ardlib" library (see below)

	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)
	- Fixed bug that caused a failure to resolve CALDB psflib
	  hypercube file when using ACIS
	- Fixed bug that prevented unique outpsffile filename from
	  retaining path information

	- Can now calculate PI matrices directly from PHA FEF files
	  (default behavior; requires CALDB 2.18 or later)
	- Modified CALDB lookups to work with CTI correction

	- Modified CALDB lookups to work with CTI correction
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Fix for problem determining which ASOL, AOFF, sim+AOFF files
	  are being used
	- Changes for new acis_fef_lookup interface

	- Removed parameters elevation, azimuth, imagesize, and
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)
	- Now copies energy column from input ray file (spectrum input
	  was only recording single energy (first row) in header)
	- Now copies full header from ray file and evtfile (if provided)
	- Fix for new focal length in CALDB 2.9
	- Fixed problem of not reporting error when evtfile is missing
	- Changed the order of THETA and PHI WCS names

	- Speed enhancements
	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Fixed bug with processing a stack of input event files in
	  which the code failed to reproject correctly the events from
	  the second and subsequent files in to the first file's
	  reference frame, which resulted in incorrect
	  solar-system-object-centered coordinates for the events from
	  those files
	- Corrected initialization of TLMIN and TLMAX keywords for
	  ocCol and skyCol (improper initialization prevented ds9
	  from centering image on screen)
	- No longer crashes when output file exists and clobber=no

	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)

	- Added "geompar" parameter (see "pixlib" below)
	- Fix for slightly incorrect coordinates in MEG data in region
	  where HEG and MEG arms overlap
	- Changed the order of THETA and PHI WCS names
	- Modified CALDB lookups to work with CTI correction


- New models, erf and erfc, that wrap the error function and
  complimentary error function, respectively
- Fixed bug where JDPILEUP model ignored any previous data filtering


- Bug fix to allow usage of ATOMDB v1.2


* NOTE *
Library changes apply ONLY to tools in the patch (i.e. those listed
under "Tools" above)

	- Semantics for ACIS detsubsys options have changed
	- Added support for HRC-S detsubsys options
	- Added support for the HRC bad pixel file
	- If the observation information file has CTI_CORR=yes, then
	  the CALDB lookups will specify CTI corrected files

	- Improvements in handling NaN's and event file headers

header/history lib
	- Enhancements for CTI correction (added 'CTI_CORR' keyword)
	- Tools now put full parameter content in history

	- Many tools now use "geompar" parameter to control which
	  parameter file specifies pixlib geometry files (default is still
	- Fixed problem of using wrong value for the LETG Rowland
	  torus diameter
	- pixlib info now included in history of output file

region lib
	- Fixes for pie() and sector() producing incorrect results
	  for theta_min and theta_max in the third quadrant
	  (180 < theta < 270)
	- Fix for problem where areas determined by pixel-counting
	  (e.g. areas of complex shapes that cannot be determined
	  analytically) were too large because the "pixelated" shapes
	  were included twice
	- Fixes for incorrect area calculation using two "near" shapes
	  (i.e. shapes whose bounding boxes overlap but are not within
	  each other)
	- Fixes for problems with field() areas

	- General updates and minor bug fixes