Last modified: 4 October 2019


Stacked Observation Detections Limiting Sensitivity Map (sens3.fits)

The full-field sensitivity map consists of a single FITS format file for each observation and science energy band that records the limiting sensitivity for a point source to exceed the MLE likelihood thresholds at each location in the field. There are two extensions in the file: the first corresponds to sensitivities that satisfy the MARGINAL source likelihood threshold, and the second for sources that satisfy the more restrictive TRUE source likelihood threshold. The limiting sensitivity is determined in units of photons s-1 cm-2. The sensitivity map is in blocked SKY pixels, with a blocking factor of 8 for ACIS (-I or -S), and 16 for HRC-I.

ACIS Sensitivity Map

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ACIS Sensitivity Map

B-band limiting sensitivity maps for stack acisfJ1509253m585033_001, for MARGINAL (left) and TRUE (right) false source rates.

The full-field sensitivity map FITS file is named: 〈i〉〈s〉〈stkpos〉_〈stkver〉N〈v〉_〈b〉_sens3.fits

where 〈i〉 is the instrument designation; 〈s〉 is the data source; 〈stkpos〉 is the position component of the stack name, formatted as "Jhhmmsss{p|m}ddmmss"; 〈stkver〉 is the 3-digit version component of the stack name, formatted with leading zeros; 〈v〉 is the data product version number, formatted with leading zeros; and 〈b〉 is the energy band designation.