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Welcome to the archive of the Chandra Newsletter.

The director's office of the Chandra X-ray observatory puts out newsletters featuring updates from the director, program scientist, program manager, and calibration and instrument teams. A science article from the variety of topics covered by Chandra users is featured annually.

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Current Issue

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 34

Fall 2023

In this issue:

The exciting story of the development and implementation of a major patch to the Aspect Camera. Also inside are updates from the CXC Manager, HETG team, and the Chandra data archive, a recap of our summer workshop, results of the Cycle 25 Peer Review and announcement of the Chandra Legacy Program, new scripts for CIAO analysis, and tributes to Eric Martin and Adam A. Frye Sr.

Past Issues

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 33

Spring 2023

In this issue:

Our cover story highlights 24 years of observations of AGN jets with Chandra. Inside is also a tribute to the late Leisa Townsley, an update on how ACIS has evolved to meet new challenges, joyful remarks on the return of HRC and LETG to service, and updates on the NHFP program, as well as reports from the Director, the Project Science team, and the Calibrations team.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 32

Fall 2022

In this issue:

Recent and forthcoming changes from the Chandra Data Archive, the Chandra Source Catalog, and the SAOImageDS9 and CIAO teams, a program overview presented by the CXC Manager, recap of the summer's workshop, results of the most recent peer review and changes coming next year, and the story of how new sonifications made old results resonate with brand new audiences.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 31

Spring 2022

In this issue:

Reports from the Project Scientist, Director, Instrument Teams, and Fellows Program.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 30

Winter 2021

In this issue:

Reports from new CXC Manager, Peer Review, Archive Operations, and the Chandra Bibliography. Two articles on broadening access (one for the Chandra Source Catalog and one for Chandra public releases). Reflections on the virtual Chandra Data Science workshop held in August.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 29

Spring 2021

In this issue:

How Chandra observations help constrain the interiors of neutron stars, updates on the exclusive-use period and staff changes, publicity for your science results, new Nasa Hubble Fellows, and updates from Calibration, ACIS, HRC (recent anomaly and recovery), HETG (usage statistics and the Megasecond club).

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 28

Fall 2020

In this issue:

Reports from the Director, Project Scientist, and Program Manager. Updates from CIAO, Chandra Source Catalog, Peer Review, and Communications and Public Engagement. Plus informative articles from the Archive and the Science Workshop.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 27

Summer 2020

Cover Article: Joining Juno to Explore Jupiter's X-ray Emissions

In this issue:

A recap of 20 years celebrations from Director Belinda Wilkes, instrument and calibration updates, new fellows, and a 20 years photogallery.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 26

Summer 2019

20 Years of Chandra

Cover Article: The X-Rays Also Rise: Chandra Observations of GW170817 Mark the Dawn of X-ray Studies of Gravitational Wave Sources

In this issue:

A special issue celebrating twenty years of Chandra operations, including many retrospections by key players from all aspects of the observatory's development and continued operation. Also contains a detailed summary of the 2018 workshop "Accretion in Stellar Sytems". The expected recurring articles depicting the status of Chandra instruments and operations are also included. Riccardo Giacconi and Rino Giordano are both memorialized with accounts of their lives and work with Chandra.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 25

Spring 2018

Cover Article: Edge Detection Gives Chandra a Sharper View of Cluster Astrophysics

In this issue:

Changes to the fellowship program are explained. There have been developments in Chandra data visualization useful for scientists and VR/AR 3D models being presented to the public all over the world. The annual updates of Chandra instruments and operations are given. Also present are articles summarizing the "From Chandra to Lynx" conference and the CIAO workshop that was held in India.

Chandra Newsletter - Issue 24

Spring 2017

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