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Last modified: 8 December 2023


Downloading ObsVis

Latest Update: 12 December 2023

Downloading obsvis calibration files from previous cycles

The obsvis installation always includes the latest calibration file. If obsvis calibration files from previous cycles are needed they can be downloaded and installed using the following instructions:

  1. Download the files for previous AO15 to AO26 cycles:

  2. Disable the Obsvis Auto-Calibration option. In the Obsvis window go to Edit and then Preferences. From the left-hand side list select the Calibration option, and then uncheck the Auto-Calibrate box.

  3. Copy the file for the desired AO to your home directory

    unix$ tar xf
    unix$ cp $HOME/ 
  4. From the obsvis window, select Adjust-FoV, and then Calibrate. Select "No" if prompted to upgrade the calibration file.