Chandra Proposal Software (CPS)

CPS Highlights

  • Users can tell if their proposals were successfully submitted.
  • Users can see exactly what they submitted, including supplemental files, like the SJ.
  • Proposals can be cloned.
  • Users can allow others to automatically use their latest account profile information by opting-in to a 'searchable' list.
  • This option is part of a User's Account Profile and can be edited at any time.
  • Many Institutions and Countries are preloaded.
  • If several users are from the same institution in any given year, it is likely to be added to the preloaded list in the future.
  • Users may have access to past years of their proposals (as PI).
  • For new accounts created before February 1, 2019, we made a best-effort attempt to link users' accounts to proposals from Cycles 18-20 (regardless of the final approval status). Going forward, users will be able to see all their proposals that are created in CPS.
  • Only one person 'owns' each proposal, but ownership can be transferred to anyone with an account who opted-in to the 'searchable list'.

Common Issues

CoIs on Cloned Proposals If you cloned an old proposal, your coIs may not all be able to see the proposal when they log in with their new CPS account. If this happens, you should first delete the old coI entry, then add them again using the searchable list. If your coIs don't have accounts or aren't searchable, they will not be able to see the proposal.


  • CoIs will need accounts if they want to take advantage of all CPS benefits such as sharing profile information and having read access to proposals.