1These values apply for sources within 3 arcmin of the aimpoint and with the SIM-Z at the nominal detector value. Observations on ACIS or HRC-S at large off-nominal SIM-Z can suffer additional residual aspect offsets of up to 0.5 arcsec and, for HRC-I, this can be up to 3 arcsec.
2See "Position modeling, de-gap corrections, and event screening" in the References section of Chapter 7
3Full details available in Getman et al. 2005, ApJS, 160, 319. In our analysis we include only the 1152 sources with more than 50 counts.
4A star is "successfully" tracked if it spends less than 5% of the observation in the loss of track state.
5Cresitello-Dittmar, M., Aldcroft, T. L., & Morris, D. 2001. On the Fly Bad Pixel Detectionfor the Chandra X-ray Observatory-Fs Aspect Camera. ADASS X ASP Conf. Ser., Vol. 238, 439

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