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Last modified: 1 November 2022


CIAO 4.0 Beta 3 Release Notes

The CIAO 4.0 Beta 3 features a beta of the new Sherpa, the CIAO modeling and fitting package. Details and documentation on the new system are available from the Sherpa website.

Several bug fixes and enhancements to the CIAO Data Model and the ChIPS plotting package are also included.

How CIAO 4.0 Beta 3 Affects Your Analysis

The Data Model updates in CIAO 4.0 Beta 3 are limited to bug fixes. These changes will not adversely affect any analysis in progress.


There are no changes to the CIAO tools in this release.

Data Model

Bug Fixes

Transform Library


Bug Fixes and General Enhancements

Error Handling


Sherpa Website


Analysis Threads