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Last modified: 7 November 2022


Workshop Preparation

If you are planning on attending an upcoming workshop, please read the following preparation information.


You are expected to bring a personal laptop to the workshop. This allows you to learn CIAO in the environment you will regularly use, and makes it easy to bring all your workshop hands-on projects back with you.

Your laptop must be able to run CIAO! The supported platforms are available on the Platform Support page.

CIAO/Chandra Data questions

If you have already worked with CIAO and/or Chandra data and have questions you would like to ask, we suggest to submit them in advance to CXC Helpdesk. Mention that you are a CIAO workshop attendee, and we will make sure that an answer is ready for you at the time of the workshop.

Suggested pre-workshop reading

If you don't have CIAO available, try installing the software. There are step-by-step instructions available in the Installing CIAO thread.

We also suggest reading and/or trying some of the introductory threads found on the Introductory Threads page.

Working on your own Chandra data:

We encourage you to download your favorite observation from the Chandra Data Archive. If you have no preference, download some of the datasets used in the CIAO threads:

Imaging Data:

  • 578 - 3C295, ACIS-S
  • 1447 - Cas A, ACIS-I
  • 144 - G21.5-0.9, HRC-I
  • 1557 - G21.5-0.9, HRC-S

Grating Data

  • 459 - 3C273, ACIS/HETG
  • 29 - Alpha Cen, HRC-S/LETG