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Last modified: 3 August 2015


Schedule and Status

Current Schedule

August 2015

The first batch of data from release 2.0 of the CSC has been made available to the community as the Preliminary Detections List. This data set will be updated over time.

April 2015

Processing of Chandra Source Catalog Release 2 has started.

Co-adds multiple observations of the same field that use the same instrument prior to source detection, to achieve fainter limiting sensitivities, as well as providing improvements in extended source handling.

August 2010

Chandra Source Catalog Release 1.1

Extends Release 1 to include public HRC-I imaging observations, and newly public ACIS observations, but otherwise retains the same limitations as Release 1.

March 2009

Chandra Source Catalog Release 1

Includes information about sources detected in a subset of ACIS imaging observations released publicly prior to the end of 2008. Only point and compact sources, with observed spatial extents < ~30 arcsec, are included. Multiple observations of the same field are not co-added prior to performing source detection.

October 2008 First public access to catalog database
September 2008 Start catalog production

Development History

Chandra Newsletter articles on the status of the Chandra Source Catalog.