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Last modified: 24 October 2023


Thumbnails of Sherpa Examples

The examples below are intended to illustrate the various plotting and fitting capabilities of Sherpa, as well as help you transition from the Sherpa 3.4 to 4.13 syntax. Click on a thumbnail plot to view and compare the Sherpa 3.4 and Sherpa 4.13 scripts used to create it.

See also the List View, in which the examples below are split into Sherpa 1-D and 2-D "Plotting" and "Fitting" categories, with descriptive titles.

[Filtered and     bkg-subtracted 1D PHA data set] [1D PHA data     with fitted model and residuals] [deconvolved 1D PHA data     in photon flux units]
[plot of ARF for     1D imaging data set] [Filtered     and bkg-subtracted 1D PHA data set in wavelength space, with log     scale x-axis] [background for     1D pha data]
[1D     hrcsletg +1/-1 orders] [ACIS     grating orders with simultaneous model fit] [overlapping HRC grating orders with convolved models overlaid]
[2D image data in ds9] [Image fit     residuals] [Image data, PSF     model, and fit residuals]
[Radial profile plot     of image data] [Radial profile     fit to image data with residuals] [1D beta     model fit to radial profile]
[Interval     projection plot] [Region     projection plot] [Contour     plot of residuals of PSF-convolved model fit]