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Last modified: 11 October 2018


ChIPS Publications

The publication titles are linked to the article entry in the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System.

Reviewing ChIPS, The Chandra Imaging and Plotting System
Miller, J.; Burke, D. J.; Evans, I. N.; Evans, J. D.; McLaughlin, W.
2015, ADASS XXIV, ASPC, 495, 111
Imaging in ChIPS
Miller, J.; Burke, D.; Evans, I.; Evans, J. D.; McLaughlin, W.
2011, ADASS XX, ASPC, 442, 637
ChIPS - Chandra's Interactive, Publication-Ready Plotting Tool
Miller, Joseph; Burke, D.; Evans, I.; Evans, J.; Fruscione, A.; Germain, G.; McDowell, J.; McLaughlin, W.; Milaszewski, R.
2009, Chandra's First Decade of Discovery
CIAO 4 Preview: Sherpa and ChIPS Demo
Refsdal, B., et al.
2007, ADASS XVI, ASPC, 376, 711
ChIPS - CIAO's New Visualization Plotting Package
Germain, G.; Milaszewski, R.; McLaughlin, W.; Miller, J.; Evans, J. D.; Evans, I.; Burke, D.
2006, ADASS XV, ASPC, 351, 57