Last modified: December 2022

AHELP for CIAO 4.15


Context: Tools::Parameter


Gives the location of a tool's parameter file


paccess parameterfile [mode]


paccess can be used to determine where a user is picking up their parameter file from, or which parameter file will be used by default. If the mode is "rw" (the default if not specified) and no user writeable file exists in $PDIRS, $PFILES, or $UPARM, one is copied from the reference directories to a user writeable location and that file name is returned.

The optional mode argument can be use to search for read or read-write files.


Example 1

(1) paccess dmlist

Will return where dmlist.par lives. It will copy it to the user's writeable location if one does not exist.

Example 2

(2) paccess dmlist r

Will return where a "read"-able version of dmlist.par lives. If the user does not have one in their write-able directory then the location of the reference parameter file is returned.


name type def reqd
parameterfile string   yes
mode string rw  

Detailed Parameter Descriptions

Parameter=parameterfile (string required)

parameter file to find

name of the parameter file (typically same as tool) to search for

Parameter=mode (string default=rw)

access mode to search for

The mode allows the user to select what kind of parameter file they are looking for: read-able, write-able, or both. The mode can take the values

r Read-able
w Write-able


There are no known bugs for this tool.

See Also

dmhistory, dmkeypar, dmmakepar, dmreadpar, paccess, pdump, pget, pline, plist, pquery, pset, punlearn