Last modified: December 2022

AHELP for CIAO 4.15


Context: Tools::Parameter


Display the parameter values, with all parameters on a single line


pline [ -pset | -task | -cl ] toolname [param=[value] ... | value1
value2 ... param=valueX ]


`pline' displays the parameters of a parameter file in a single line that is useful for cut-n-paste like operations. The parameter values can be specified after the parameter file name to see what the values will be. For example, if you are only specifying the values one can use this to verify the order of the values is being interpreted correctly.


Example 1

(1) pline dmlist
infile='' opt='header' outfile='' rows='' cells='' verbose='0' mode='ql'

Displays the parameters of dmlist in parameter='value' (single quotes included) format

Example 2

(2) pline dmlist myfile opt=my_opt
infile='myfile' opt='my_opt' outfile='' rows='' cells='' verbose='0'

Displays the parameter of dmlist, setting the parameters specified on the line after the parameter file name. In this case, myfile would be assigned to the value of infile and the opt parameter is explicitly set to be "my_opt"

Example 3

(3) pline -cl dmlist

Displays the parameters on a single line using a comma separated list and using double quotes rather than single quotes. This is consistent with the IRAF syntax

Example 4

(4) pline -task dmlist
dmlist.infile='' dmlist.opt='header' dmlist.outfile='' dmlist.rows=''
dmlist.cells='' dmlist.verbose='0' dmlist.mode='ql'

This adds the task/parameter-file name to the command line.


name type ftype reqd
parameter_file string input yes
-cl notype    
-task notype    
-pset notype    

Detailed Parameter Descriptions

Parameter=parameter_file (string required filetype=input)

Name of parameter file

Name (plus optional path) of the parameter file

Parameter=-cl (notype)

IRAF compatability flag

Turn on IRAF "cl" compatability.

Parameter=-task (notype)

Task flag

Append the parameter file / task name to the parameter name.

Parameter=-pset (notype)

Follow "pset" type parameters

Will display the contents of the "embedded" parameter files referenced by any parameters whose type is "pset"

The use of pset type parameters in CIAO has been depreciated.


There are no known bugs for this tool.

See Also

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