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AHELP for CIAO 4.11 ChIPS v1


Context: plots


Modifies the height of one row of plots created by split or grid_objects.


adjust_grid_yrelsize(row, size)
adjust_grid_yrelsize(id, row, size)


The function arguments.

Argument Description
row The row number to change, where the rows are numbered from top to bottom, starting at 1.
size The new height of the row given as a ratio to the other rows, so size=1 means the same size, size=2 is twice as tall.
id A ChipsId structure identifying the item.

The adjust_grid_yrelsize command changes the size of a row of plots relative to the other rows in the frame created by split or grid_objects.

The height of the specified row is set to "size * unit_height". All other rows are set to unit_height.

The following is used to determine the height of the columns:

available_area = 1 - (top_margin + bottom_margin + (num_rows -1)*ygapsize)

unit_height = available_area / ((num_rows-1) + size)

To change the spacing between the plots, use the adjust_grid_gaps command.


Example 1

chips> split(3,3)
chips> adjust_grid_yrelsize(2,.5)

A split command is issued to create a grid of 9 plots. The adjust_grid_yrelsize command sets the width of the center row to be half as tall as the other rows.

Example 2

chips> grid_objects(2,2,.05,.05,1)
chips> adjust_grid_yrelsize(1,3)

A grid_objects command creates a grid of 4 plot areas. The adjust_grid_yrelsize command makes the first row of plots three times as tall as the other row.


See the bugs pages on the ChIPS website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

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