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Last modified: 20 November 2023


Download the CIAO Website

Users doing analysis on laptops, or those with slow internet connections, may find it useful to view the CIAO website from their own system. The website can be downloaded with the GNU wget software. In practice, wget behaves like a smart version of an 'mget' (of the ftp protocol).

The CIAO website is constantly being updated online so that it is of the best use to you. If you choose to download the site to your local system, be sure to check back often for improvements and corrections.

Running wget

wget v1.9.1 (at least) is required for the command options used here.

Download ALL of the CIAO website:

unix% wget -k -p -m -np -nv -x

Download the CIAO website, EXCLUDING .ps, .pdf, and gzipped files:

unix% wget -k -p -m -np -nv -x --reject=pdf,ps,ps.gz,tar.gz

The --reject option is used to exclude all files ending in ps or pdf. These are mainly hardcopy versions of the threads and presentations from the CIAO workshops.

Running wget as shown above will create a new directory called "" with a subdirectory structure:

unix% ls

Simply run firefox - or your favorite browser - with something analogous to the following argument:

unix% firefox &