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Last modified: December 2013

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AHELP for CIAO 4.9 ChIPS v1


Context: images


Display the specified image.




The function arguments.

Argument Description
id A ChipsId structure identifying the item, or a string containing the name of the object.

If no argument is given then the current image is shown, otherwise the argument determines what to show.

Example 1

chips> add_image('evt2_image.fits')
chips> hide_image()
chips> display_image()

Create a image and hide it, then display the current image.

Example 2

chips> add_image('evt2_image.fits','id=events')
chips> hide_image('events')
chips> add_image('evt2_image2.fits')
chips> id = ChipsId()
chips> id.image = 'events'
chips> display_image(id)

Two images are created; the second image is current after it is created. The id.image command sets the image value of the ChipsId structure to the first image. That image is then displayed.

Example 3

chips> add_image('evt2_image.fits')
chips> add_image('evt2_image2.fits')
chips> hide_image('all')
chips> display_image('all')

Two images are created and hidden, then the display_image command displays them both.


See the bugs pages on the ChIPS website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

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Last modified: December 2013
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