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Last modified: December 2013

AHELP for CIAO 4.10 ChIPS v1


Context: errors


Returns the ChIPS error report "verbosity" setting presently in effect.




The get_error_verbosity command returns an indicator specifying the level of detail printed when errors are detected in ChIPS. This command is part of the advanced ChIPS module; refer to "ahelp chips" for information. To load the module:

from pychips.advanced import *


chips> from pychips.advanced import *
chips> get_error_verbosity()
chips> set_preference("line.color", "x")
chips ERROR: The color 'x' is unknown or not supported
chips> set_error_verbosity(0)
chips> set_preference ("line.color", "x")
chips> set_error_verbosity(1)
chips> set_preference ("line.color", "x")
chips ERROR: The color 'x' is unknown or not supported

The advanced command module is loaded so that we have access to the get_error_verbosity and set_error_verbosity commands. We then use these commands to vary the error verbosity level and see how it influences the behavior of ChIPS.

Error Levels

Error Verbosity Levels

Feature Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Returns numeric error value Yes No No No
Prints out warning messages No No Yes Yes
Prints out error messages No Yes Yes Yes
Removes messages with duplicate text N/A Yes Yes No
Shows object hierarchy where error occurred N/A No No Yes

A more complete explanation of the levels:

  • level = 0: error messages are not echoed to the screen. The error message is still added to an internal stack and may be retrieved using the get_errors command ("ahelp get_errors"). This level returns a numeric error value. A returned value of 0 indicates that the routine succeeded; nonzero values generally indicate a failure.
  • level = 1: display an error string instead of an error value. Only unique errors are printed, e.g. 'set_curve_linecolor("all","grene")' will produce a single error, regardless of how many curves the call fails on. A return value is not provided, and warning messages are not printed.
  • level = 2: similar to level 1, but warning messages are supported along with the errors.
  • level = 3: the most verbose level of error reporting. Errors and warnings are handled as exceptions resulting in a message being echoed to the client window. Duplicate messages are not filtered. In addition, each error message contains a mapping which indicates the hierarchy of objects where the error occured.

For instance, a failed label command might produce:

chips ERROR: The label size value (-5) must be between 1 
and 100 {object: win1->frm1->lbl1}
chips ERROR: The label size value (-5) must be between 1 
and 100 {object: win1->frm1->lbl2}


See the bugs pages on the ChIPS website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

clear_errors, get_error_count, get_error_types, get_errors, set_error_verbosity

Last modified: December 2013
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