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Last modified: December 2013

AHELP for CIAO 4.10 ChIPS v1


Context: server


Displays a list of ChIPS servers.




The list_servers command returns a list of servers that may be available to the user. The list is derived by checking for local socket files used by chips.

Before attempting to connect to a listed server, it is recommended that the user run the check_server_exists command to verify that the server is indeed available for connections. It is possible that old socket files may exist - e.g. if ChIPS exited improperly at some point - and those servers are not available for use.


chips> print(list_servers())
chips> check_server_exists("ChipsServer_15015_1")

Retrieve a list of potentially available ChIPS servers.

Removing old server files

Socket files are stored by default in "/tmp/.chips.<username>/". Although ChIPS does attempt to remove these files when they are no-longer required, this may not happen in exceptional cases. If necessary, use list_servers() and check_server_exists(), to determine whether these files can be removed.


See the bugs pages on the ChIPS website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

check_server_exists, connect, create_server, disconnect, get_server_cwd, get_server_id, lock, unlock

Last modified: December 2013
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